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Dallas Cowboys Jersey the play was huge

Le 24 octobre 2017, 09:03 dans Humeurs 0

As dramatic as it would’ve been for Brice Butler to have two touchdown catches in the fourth quarter, it worked out better for the Cowboys that the officials reversed his second score, calling him down by contact at the 22-yard line. The 75-yard score to give the Cowboys a 21-14 lead was ruled a 53-yard catch with 6:20 to play. While the Cowboys still had to earn it, the offense scored in three plays to take the lead anyway. Once Arizona got it back, Dez Bryant Jerseys there was only 4:57 to remaining. That extra time would’ve certainly helped the Cardinals late in the game when they were driving and trailing by two scores. Still, the play was huge because it flipped the field position and put the Cowboys in a spot to take control of the game. Switzer’s fumble changes momentum – It’s hard to consider this one a “forgotten” play because it was a such a game-changer. But still, second-quarter situations can usually be overcome. But with the Cowboys leading 17-6 and about to get the ball back again for another chance to add to the lead, the Rams were given a gift on Ryan Switzer’s fumbled punt. The rookie was surrounded by defenders but got too aggressive and tried to run with the ball, resulting in a fumble that Dak Prescott Jerseys the Rams recovered. Just moments later, Jared Goff threw his only touchdown pass of the game, trimming the Cowboys’ lead to 17-13. Second Down Pass to Dez – It’s the play that has been talked about the most this week. The Cowboys were in great position to take the lead and had second-and-2 from the Green Bay Dallas Cowboys Jersey 11 with 1:24 to play and a running clock. Not only did Dak snap the ball with about 10 seconds left on the Ezekiel Elliott Jerseys play clock but the pass to cheap dak prescott jersey Dez Bryant in the end zone stopped the clock. The Cowboys were having success running the ball and another run not only probably would’ve resulted in a first down, but chewed up more clock. The Cowboys scored on the next play, leaving 1:13 for Rodgers to work with. Want to buy one? welcome to our shop

Dallas Cowboys Jersey talking about December before he can play again

Le 11 octobre 2017, 09:32 dans Humeurs 0

If that can be true for me, it should be true for any man or woman who walks into a locker room. Because your genes and your gender don’t have anything to do with your passion and your knowledge for the subject matter. The fact that a grown man – let alone the face of an NFL franchise – can’t see that is honestly pretty gross. There might not be a guy in the Cowboys’ locker room with a more affable personality than Charles Tapper. He’s always got a smile on his face, Ezekiel Elliott Jerseys he’s always down to chat and he typically has something interesting to say when he does talk. Understandably, you tend to root for guys like that. There are a lot of jerks in the world, so when you meet someone like that, you tend to want to see them succeed. It always sucks when a guy gets hurt, but that makes it doubly sad to see for Tapper. The second-year pass rusher broke his foot on Wednesday afternoon, and it’s looking likely that he’s headed for injured reserve. The Cowboys could conceivably bring him back to the roster at some point, but even then you’re cheap dak prescott jersey likely Dallas Cowboys Jersey talking about December before he can play again. From a numbers standpoint, it’s not the end of the world. David Irving is coming back to Dez Bryant Jerseys Dak Prescott Jerseys the roster, and the Cowboys still have Damontre’ Moore and Taco Charlton as depth behind their starters. But it’s way too easy to forget that these guys are people, and not just numbers on a depth chart. This will be the second-straight season that Tapper has been thrown off by injuries. For one of the better people on the Cowboys’ roster, it’s a bummer to see. I’m not going to go as far as to say it was refreshing, but it wasn’t lost on me that a wide receiver other than Dez Bryant was caught in a controversy about his attitude this week. Want to buy one? welcome to our shop

Ezekiel Elliott Jerseys for a humiliating

Le 22 septembre 2017, 07:56 dans Humeurs 0

But most surprising – check that, shocking – was the Cowboys scoring just 17 points after a modest 19-point outing in the season-opening 19-3 victory over the Giants. Equally so, the Cowboys were able to total just 268 yards, convert only three of 14 Dez Bryant Jerseys third downs and run for a humiliating 40 yards – Ezekiel Elliott averaging less than a yard-a-carry (9 for Dak Prescott Jerseys 8 yards) in a career low. Then there was the Cowboys scoring just two touchdowns, and now but three in two games. Cowboys have to run the ball effectively to keep that Broncos’ pass rush at bay. The Cowboys need to stop a Broncos running game that piled up Dallas Cowboys Jersey an encouraging 140 Ezekiel Elliott Jerseys Ezekiel Elliott Jerseys yards against the Chargers in their season-opening win, and that if the Broncos ran for the 140 yards again, the Cowboys would surely lose. The Cowboys had to protect quarterback Dak Prescott against this highly aggressive Broncos defensive front-7. Well, the Cowboys went keyless, oh-for-3, which is why they are 1-1, stewing over the unimpressive start and now having to wait until a week from Monday to play again, a Monday nighter at Arizona, no easy task against that defense, too. First, the Cowboys could not run for squat, those measly 40 yards. The Broncos stacked the line of scrimmage with their 3-4 front and the Cowboys offensive line could not budge them. Seriously, barely an inch. “Our plan was to clog every gap, play man-three outside with the corners and their receivers and clog every gap,” Broncos first-year head coach Vance Joseph said. “If (Elliott) did pop a run, it was going to be on a missed tackle. It wasn’t going to be on an open gap. We knew coming to the game that was going to be our first order of business, to stop the run and clog every gap. When they went three-wides and one back, we played our normal base front with our normal secondary.” Want to buy one? welcome to our shop

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